We specialise in delicious berries with exceptional nutritional values which are not widely known in the UK even though they grow here. They are “forgotten berries” which we want to popularise so that our customers can enjoy their taste and their benefits.

Mondo Berry Ltd is the first company to produce sea buckthorn berry and aronia berry jams in the UK. We are a small company, based in London. We are members of CatEx DCA and we have won Great Taste Awards for our jams and herbal infusions, as well as Taste of the West Awards for our jams.

We source the berries ourselves and we are involved in the cooking process from creating our own original recipes in the kitchen to checking and tasting while our jams are made for us by producers whose innovation, passion and commitment match our own.

We have two flavours - Apple & Sea Buckthorn Berry Reduced Sugar Jam and Aronia Berry & Apple with Ginger Reduced Sugar Jam

  • We select hand picked berries sourced from Europe.
  • Our berries grow wild or are grown without pesticides
  • Reduced sugar jams
  • Free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings
  • Fully traceable ingredients
  • Original and secret recipes
  • Made in Devon in small batches using Bramley apples

Photography by Christopher Steer

Serving Suggestions

Sea Buckthorn berries give our jam a tangy, refreshing taste.

Our customers love experimenting with our jam – having it with yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast or as an accompaniment to ham or with cheese.

Our customers tell us that they choose our Aronia berry jam as an alternative to cranberry sauce. When they are not eating it straight from the jar, they love it on warm French bread!

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