Aronia berries (aka chokeberries) have some of the highest levels of natural antioxidants of any fruit. More than even blueberries and pomegranate, aronia berries are the richest known fruit source of anthocyanins. They also contain vitamins B2, B6, E, C and folic acid.

These berries are native to North America and their ripening was part of the natural calendar for the American Indians. They are now grown extensively as a crop in parts of Europe. These plants are very popular in garden centres here in the UK as they are beautiful to look at.

Sea buckthorn berries are unique in that they are rich in OMEGA 3, 6, 7 and 9 plant oils. They are also extremely rich in vitamin C and have high levels of vitamin E and beta carotene.

Sea Buckthorn berries and leaves have been used for food for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, in Tibetan monasteries and elsewhere. Today, the berry is best known in China, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia where a frozen climate and a midnight sun have created a berry with exotic echoes of passion fruit and mango.

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